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Is Buddha against Life and Living? Livelihood Vs. Buddhahood

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The Mahabharata - In a Nutshell

There are three great characters in the Mahabharata. All the other characters are just by-products of these three characters. Duryodhana, Arjuna, and Krishna are these three main and great characters. To me, Duryodhana represents the Unconscious. He is a metaphor for the Unconscious. Arjuna represents the Conscious. He is a metaphor for the Conscious. And Krishna represents the Supreme Conscious. He is a metaphor for the Supreme Conscious. He is representing the Supreme Consciousness. When the ray of the Supreme Consciousness passes through the prism of the mind, the prism of the mind manifests the Supreme Consciousness into the Consciousness and the Unconsciousness.

To make things simple, let us understand this by way of an example. Let us suppose that the Unconsciousness is like darkness and the Consciousness is like the light. And the one that joins these two and still remains beyond is called the Supreme Consciousness. According to the psychologists the Unconsciousness is far far …

A Mathematical Expression of Enlightened Leadership

I was just wondering if Enlightened Leadership can really be expressed by way of a mathematical expression. An object is a subset of the subject. There is no reason why it can not be expressed. There has to be a way to express it mathematically. The whole objective reality can be expressed mathematically. I really do not find a problem anywhere.

There are two dimensions to the existence. One is a horizontal dimension that exists in time. The whole of history, Itihasas, and the Puranas are part of it. And all these are full of symbolic and non-symbolic expressions. The other is a vertical dimension which does not exist in time. No matter we do what, this can never be expressed in terms of mathematics. This can be expressed only by way of metaphors. The Vedas and Upanishads are expressions of this timeless dimension.

It is utterly wrong to say that the door of the divine does not exist for a person who thinks in terms of mathematics. No, existence does not behave it that way. There has …

“Yoga can’t be Copyrighted”, rules the US Court. Is Yoga a Copyright or a Birthright? A Guru can’t be a Copy-Cat !!

The ancient yoga is known as Ashtanga Yoga. Yoga can not be Hot or Cold. Yoga is warm. It makes you warm. It makes you a warm person. It brings in a quality. Only extremists go from one extreme to the other. A Tyagi is a masochist. He starves the body. He contorts the body. And a Bhogi is a sadist. He indulges with the body. He harms the body through indulgence. Yogis stay in the middle. Yogis stay centered. Yogis stay composed. Yogis stay united. Yogi becomes a witness. A Yogi is neither a Tyagi nor a Bhogi. He is a Sakshi. You can not create Yoga. No, this is not possible. You can only be a Yogi. This is the only possibility. This is the only reality. Yoga can not be this or that. It can not be this yoga or that yoga. Vikram Yoga or Betal Yoga. Hot Yoga or Cold Yoga. Love Yoga or Laya Yoga. Power Yoga or Prayer Yoga. All these can be just names. A name is okay. We all have different names. And all names are of the same Divine. All Yogis have different names. All different flowers i…

Art of Surfing on the Thought Waves of the Ocean of the Mind

An ocean is really a unique phenomenon. You may approach the ocean from any side and the other side is not visible. We can only see the horizon. From whichever side you approach, the other side is visible only as a horizon. This is the uniqueness of the ocean. The only option we then have is to jump in or dive in. This is the only option. And then anything can happen. One can get drowned or swim through or float in the ocean. This is the probability. These are the possibilities. In an uncertainty there are many possibilities.

Have you seen the surfers in an ocean? The surfers are very extraordinary people. They have the knack of surfing on the waves of the ocean. They play with the waves. They never get drowned. They always float and surf over the waves. This is the art they master over the years.

The mind is also like an ocean. And the thoughts are like the waves in that ocean. And meditation is more like the art of surfing on these waves of thoughts. When the thought waves are negat…

‘Book Review’ of a Book Called “Valmiki Ramayana”

We all know that the epic Ramayana was written by Valmiki. Almost everybody agrees that the credit for the first version of this epic goes to him. He was considered as one of the foremost writers and poets. He was not a writer from birth. He also did not belong to a family of writers. In fact he was a highway robber and killer and his real name was Ratnakar. His profession was to rob and kill people and earn his livelihood. He was taking care of himself and his family out of the earnings of robbery and killing.

One day a strange thing happened in his life. He came across sage Narada and wanted to rob him and kill him. Narada said that it is okay with him but Ratnakar must answer a few questions before he could kill him. Narada tells him, “All this that you are doing amounts to bad actions and bad Karma. And it has its own consequences. It is true that you are taking care of your family by the earnings of all this bad Karma but how confident you are that your family members also equal…

Ah, Didi, You Did It !!

At last you did it Didi. The nation is proud of this. Every Indian has the right to know everything about Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. After all the freedom movement belongs to Bapuji and Netaji and many others. The people of this nation are proud of these heros. Since my childhood like many others I was very curious to know all about Netaji but somehow the truth was hidden from the public by the vested interests. Nobody can hide the truth for very long. The intrinsic nature of truth is to surface and become public. Nobody can make it private and classified. It is like an volcanic eruption. It is slowly gathering momentum and waiting for a right moment to erupt. It is better not to put a lid over these things. Just imagine how many time bombs of seeking information and truth on many issues may be lying with the governments all over the world. Please remember that there is an expiry date to all these. And one fine day they will all erupt. It is the people who make the nation. And thes…