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Buddha’s 3 Biggest Challenges: Facebook Post

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Krishna’s Secret: Where I disagree with Devdutt Pattanaik?

You can watch his video. Everything is fine as a social message. Everything is fine as a moral message. To, me he misunderstood Krishna’s secret. Devdutt says that the thoughts are formless. They are Nirgun and it is very difficult to catch hold of them. And we can catch the thoughts only at the level of the Karma (action). This is where I totally disagree with him. Spirituality is a very subtlest thing.

Here is my take. The whole creation is in a relative perspective and even our Upanishads speak of existence and non-existence as relative perspectives. Thoughts are intangible compared to actions. Actions are outer expressions of the thoughts. So, actions are more visible in comparison to the thoughts. But that does not mean thoughts are formless and can be recognized as Nirguna. No. That is not true. Thoughts are objects. They are also like the matter. Even science recognizes thoughts as objects. “It has been estimated by experts that the average brain has anywhere from 25,000 to 50…

Sadhguru says, “Soul doesn’t need a mate.” Wow !! Hey Youth, please take away the Truth.

Have you ever come across of a perfect person in order to find a perfect relationship? Please watch this video of Sadhguru on ‘How do I find my Soulmate?’ At 4:27 Sadhguru is saying, “SOUL DOESN'T NEED A MATE”. I have never come across of such a soul that exists so independently and doesn’t need any kind of a need or a relationship. Where does this soul exist? Outside of our bodies ... may be an invisible ghost. And some ghosts have also been found to be molesting women (there are stories). Albert Einstein said, “ ………… the concept of a soul without a body seem to me to be empty and devoid of meaning.” Come on Albert Einstein, you were a brilliant scientist man, and he is a mystic. He can say anything that is not scientific. You don’t have that liberty being a scientist. Now the youth will be in search of a soul that is independent of a body so that it doesn’t need a mate. And the questions of any quarrel, fight, friendship, hate, love, etc. will not arise at all. Because the Soul…

Is Buddha against Life and Living? Livelihood Vs. Buddhahood

Buddha is not against living. He is definitely against leaving. He is against leaving problems to God to solve them. There is no God the way we perceive God to be. We perceive God to be a super human entity somewhere up in the heaven. There is no such God somewhere up. So he can never come and solve our problems. We always look up and never look in. All the problems in life are our problems and surely it is our responsibility to solve them. We have created them and hence we have to own up the problems to find solutions to solve them. Buddha is in favor of improving our lives. He is for bettering our lives. He is not against life. He is not against love. He is for better life and better love. He is for Enlightened Living. He is for living wisely out of mindfulness. He is for a conscious living. He is not against Dollars. He has reverence for Dhamma and Dollars. He is not against Numbers. He is for Numbers and Nirvana. He is for quality in quantity. He is for a Quantum Consciousness. H…

The Mahabharata : In a Nutshell !!

There are three great characters in the Mahabharata. All the other characters are just by-products of these three characters. Duryodhana, Arjuna, and Krishna are these three main and great characters. To me, Duryodhana represents the Unconscious. He is a metaphor for the Unconscious. Arjuna represents the Conscious. He is a metaphor for the Conscious. And Krishna represents the Supreme Conscious. He is a metaphor for the Supreme Conscious. He is representing the Supreme Consciousness. When the ray of the Supreme Consciousness passes through the prism of the mind, the prism of the mind manifests the Supreme Consciousness into the Consciousness and the Unconsciousness.

To make things simple, let us understand this by way of an example. Let us suppose that the Unconsciousness is like darkness and the Consciousness is like the light. And the one that joins these two and still remains beyond is called the Supreme Consciousness. According to the psychologists the Unconsciousness is far far …

A Mathematical Expression of Enlightened Leadership

I was just wondering if Enlightened Leadership can really be expressed by way of a mathematical expression. An object is a subset of the subject. There is no reason why it can not be expressed. There has to be a way to express it mathematically. The whole objective reality can be expressed mathematically. I really do not find a problem anywhere.

There are two dimensions to the existence. One is a horizontal dimension that exists in time. The whole of history, Itihasas, and the Puranas are part of it. And all these are full of symbolic and non-symbolic expressions. The other is a vertical dimension which does not exist in time. No matter we do what, this can never be expressed in terms of mathematics. This can be expressed only by way of metaphors. The Vedas and Upanishads are expressions of this timeless dimension.

It is utterly wrong to say that the door of the divine does not exist for a person who thinks in terms of mathematics. No, existence does not behave it that way. There has …

“Yoga can’t be Copyrighted”, rules the US Court. Is Yoga a Copyright or a Birthright? A Guru can’t be a Copy-Cat !!

The ancient yoga is known as Ashtanga Yoga. Yoga can not be Hot or Cold. Yoga is warm. It makes you warm. It makes you a warm person. It brings in a quality. Only extremists go from one extreme to the other. A Tyagi is a masochist. He starves the body. He contorts the body. And a Bhogi is a sadist. He indulges with the body. He harms the body through indulgence. Yogis stay in the middle. Yogis stay centered. Yogis stay composed. Yogis stay united. Yogi becomes a witness. A Yogi is neither a Tyagi nor a Bhogi. He is a Sakshi. You can not create Yoga. No, this is not possible. You can only be a Yogi. This is the only possibility. This is the only reality. Yoga can not be this or that. It can not be this yoga or that yoga. Vikram Yoga or Betal Yoga. Hot Yoga or Cold Yoga. Love Yoga or Laya Yoga. Power Yoga or Prayer Yoga. All these can be just names. A name is okay. We all have different names. And all names are of the same Divine. All Yogis have different names. All different flowers i…