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Anna inspires a Social Change

The whole nation is gripped in a wave called Anna. Thousands of supporters - boys, girls, young, and old are all on the roads to make this change possible. The whole issue is of corruption and a law called “Janlokpal” which will help reduce corruption in India to a greater extent. The Home Minister says that it is not a panacea. True !! But nothing can be a panacea unless the very character of the people in power changes. If that is so then why government “Lokpal”, which is a weak law compared to the one proposed by the civil society called the “Janlokpal”, is being introduced in the parliament? There are always two aspects of a social framework of any country. If the character of a person does not change with love then it has to be changed through the law. Jimi Hendrix says, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace”. Nothing can replace love. But is it there? See the arrogance of some of the ministers of the government. Just look at their speeches, words, and the body language. Instead of being awesome the whole communication is awful. The spokesperson of any government is a bridge between the government and the people of the nation. His communication should be inspiring and motivating. He should always speak in the interest of the nation as a whole. He should be smiling and charming. His communication should be pleasant and praiseworthy.

The relevant law and the whole process till punishment has to be stringent and effective. The present laws are not effective when it comes to tackling the corruption. The period of more than 60 years after independence has given the nation more than 50 great scams. That means the intention of the government and political leaders is not in the overall interest of the nation. That means the current laws and the whole machinery dealing with corruption is not effective. The political will to tackle corruption is lacking. And hence a social movement for a change. As per various reports and analysis circulating in the media, more than 1.4 $ trillion black money has gone out of India in the tax havens. And this is also a result of corruption. This is all poor people’s money. This money belongs to the whole nation. And nothing has been done by the governments for the last 64 years to check and control on this monster called “corruption”. The laws that are available now are ineffective. Nobody has been punished till date. The conviction rate is negligible compared to the gravity of the scams. And nobody knows where is all that money looted by the corrupt people? The recent good progress and developments in the 2G and CWG scams is only because the whole investigations are under the direct supervision of the Supreme Court. That means the monitoring of the investigating agencies is not effective under the supervision of the government. This requires a change and hence a people’s movement by way of a “Janlokpal”.

This whole social movement is under the leadership of an inspiring person called “Anna”. He is a new Gandhi in a modern India. “Lokpal” is a law that the government wants to give it to the country and “Janlokpal” is a law that the people wish to give it to the country. “Janlokpal” simply and literally means a people’s law. So it is for the people to decide what better law they all want for their country’s common good, betterment and progress. How a government can impose their own law? The corruption in the country is growing @64 years. This is very dangerous for the country’s overall growth and international image. The Vedas and Upanishads say that the whole creation is made up of five basic elements called the “Panchatatvas”. And there is a constant balance in these five basic elements. In a similar way the whole social framework of our country is also made up of five basic elements of a social change. And these five basic elements of a social change are: (1) Legislature, (2) Executive, (3) Judiciary, (4) Press (Fourth Estate), and (5) People (Fifth Estate). These are the five basic elements of a social change. These are the “Panchtatvas” of a social and political framework of a country. If the Press is called a Fourth Estate then the People are called the Fifth Estate. If there is an imbalance in the whole system it is the People who can bring this change. And this requires a great Social Leadership. And this great and inspiring Social Leadership is being provided by “Anna Hazare” at this point in time. The whole nation is behind him. He is the supreme leader of the People. The whole credit goes to Anna, his brave team, and all the people of India. Thanks Anna. Thanks People. Jai Ho !!

» Change is Eternal !! 
» Panchatatvas of a Social Change


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