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And when the son meets the father !!

We all know the story of the Buddha that he went in search of knowing himself. He went in search of enlightenment. And in the process he left everything behind - his own family, his father, and his kingdom. In the past there was this tradition of renunciation. One has to give-up everything in order to attain to enlightenment. One has to give-up oneself in order to become a Siddha. Siddhartha was a prince. He was the son of a king Śuddhodana. Siddhartha had all the comforts and luxuries that one can imagine. And since childhood he has seen only one-side of life, the life of all comforts and luxuries. And he had no idea about the other side of the life of poverty and deprivation. And when he had grown-up, the side which was absent and suppressed started attracting him in the form of renunciation. This is a common psychology of life that a thing which has been absent in life, shall soon start dominating its presence. The one that we suppress will try to surface with a greater force. If …

Is there no God? Buddha answers the Question

I heard that one day a person came to Buddha in the morning and asked, “Is there no God?”. The person was a theist. A theist is a person who believes in the existence of God. A theist only believes and does not try to know anything. He is just a believer. Buddha said, “Yes, there is no God”. The person got angry. He became violent. He went nuts. He became crazy. He actually came to Buddha to get a confirmation of his own belief. Buddha was aware that this guy is a believer and he needs a confirmation to his own belief. Buddha took him to the other extreme. The person carried a belief of “Yes” and Buddha shown him the power of “No”. The person was holding on to only one bank of the river and Buddha shown him the existence of the other bank of the river. It is a great psychological insight that a person is always searching for a confirmation of his own belief from others.

By now the news has spread to all the disciples that Buddha has said that there is no God. Some disciples were very…

What is Truth? What is Reality?

Truth is beyond words. It is beyond time. In this sense it is ancient. It is the experience of a non-duality. Truth is transcendental. It is the experience of the state of a spiritual singularity. What is transcendence? It is going beyond the duality. All duality is a relativity. Relativity is not reality and reality is not relativity. Truth is transcending relativity. The first duality is space-time curvature. This is a part of the outer universe. This is an objective reality. What is the measuring rod? The light is the measuring rod. Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity can be of immense help to know the objective relativity. The second duality is the space-time curvature of the mind. This is that inner universe. And what is the measuring rod? A pure thought is a measuring rod. The Vedas and Upanishads which are the eternal resources of Advaita can be of an immense help to know the subjective relativity and then to experience the absolute truth as it is. Truth or reality means to…

Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti !!

Today is the day of the “Guru”. Guru Nanak Dev was the founder of the Sikh faith. There is a legend behind his becoming a great Guru. He was once working for a merchant. And while counting numbers he made a small mistake. I strongly feel that such mistake should happen in everybody’s life. He was counting numbers. He was supposed to count up to twelve (12) and by mistake he counted up to thirteen (13). The moment he counted this number thirteen there was a sudden flash of a thunder in his whole being. It was a miraculous moment of his life. In fact divinity descended in him in that very moment. And at the same time, in that very moment, he ascended to divinity. In that very moment everything in his life has changed forever. 
In the Eastern tradition the word “Tera” means the “Supreme”. It simply means “Yours” and not “Mine”. The word “Tera” means everything is yours (that of God) and nothing is mine. Now, the world of me and mine has come to an end for the first time. Unless ‘my’ worl…

Emotional Quotient and Spiritual Quotient

Let us talk of the whole structure of our being. At the periphery of the being are our thoughts. This layer is of positive thoughts and negative thoughts. This is the mind of the being. This is an intellectual layer of the being. This layer can be purified through mindfulness and awareness. This layer can be purified through the process of Dhyana or meditation. This layer is called the Intellectual Quotient (IQ) of the being.

There is a layer below the intellectual layer. A layer below this is called the emotional layer. This is the heart of the being. This layer has negative emotions and positive emotions. And this layer can also be purified through mindfulness and awareness. The energy at this layer can be purified through the process of Dhyana or meditation. This layer is called the Emotional Quotient (EQ) of the being.
Emotions, thoughts, and actions are not three different things. They are three different forms of the same energy. The emotions are moving in the heart. The though…

Jai Jai Ganesha !!

Ganesha does not mean only the wall portrait of Ganesha. Ganesha does not mean only the idol of Ganesha. But Ganesha means much more and beyond. Shiva and Parvati do not mean only the wall portraits of Shiva and Parvati. Shiva and Parvati do not mean only the idols of Shiva and Parvati. They mean much more and beyond. There has to be a far deeper meaning to these mythological stories. Let us explore and uncover the myth hidden in these stories.

There are four dimensions to the existence. The first two dimensions are existence and non-existence. Matter is existing and non-matter is non-existing. We can perceive matter but we can not perceive the non-matter. We can perceive the body but we can not perceive the soul. The first two dimensions of the perceivable matter are Physics and Metaphysics. We can see the physical matter but we can not see the metaphysical matter. We can touch and feel the physical matter. But we can not perceive the subatomic and metaphysical world of matter exact…

What is Love Jihad?

Love is the result of the transformation of one’s ego center. Love has to be created in one’s own inner being to share it with others. And this sharing creates a relationship. And the whole life is a web of this relationship. This is how we create a society and the world. Love is a bridge between two individuals. It creates an unbroken bond between two individuals. It is a cohesive force. There can not be anything greater than love. Leo Tolstoy says, “Love is life. All, everything that I understand, I understand only because of love.”
What is Jihad? To me Jihad has to be a method to transform one’s ego center into a conscious center. To me it has to be a method to transform one’s lust into love. It has to be a method to transform one’s anger into peace. It has to be a method to overcome the enemies within. It has to be an inner transformation.
Almost all the religions in the world have recognized these as our greatest enemies - lust, anger, greed, attachment, pride, and jealousy. Thes…

It is better to say something !!

Is there a cause and effect in everything? There is no conclusive and definite answer to this. There are always two answers to this question. One answer is coming from the depth and the other answer is coming from the surface. The scientists believe in everything that has a cause and an effect. They strongly believe that there is no effect without a cause. They have infact done a great experiment in this direction. They created an emptiness. They removed all matter and created emptiness. And they found to their surprise that there are quantum fluctuations even in that emptiness. What caused these quantum fluctuations? They have no clue on this. There is no definite and conclusive answer for this. There is nothing in that space and still something causes these quantum fluctuations. Is emptiness really empty? Is emptiness fullness too? In fact emptiness and fullness are two perspectives of the same reality.
There is a story similar to this in the Upanishad. There was a crow and it was c…

Tantra, Mantra, and Yantra

There are three ways: Tantra, Mantra, and Yantra.
Tantra means transforming through the body. Mantra means transforming through the mind. And Yantra means transforming through the vehicle.
Tantra means transforming through the body. That is, using all the energy centers of the body including the sex center. One energy center is a stepping-stone to the other energy center. It is an upward movement of the energy. The energy moves from Muladhara (Sex Center, Root Center) to Sahasrara (Crown Center). As the energy moves up, we experience a higher dimension of the consciousness. At the highest level, that is, at the crown center, the energy becomes the consciousness. Consciousness means a purest form of energy. Now there are no divisions and no identifications. An individual experiences the “Shuddha Chetana”. This is the ultimate state of a climax. After this there is nothing. This is the state of a Sachitananda.
Mantra means transforming through the mind. The gateway is through Dhyana or M…

Emptying the Mind

Being empty means not to have preconceived ideas. Being empty means not to have a prejudiced mind. Being empty means to have an attitude of receptivity and learning. Being empty means to be devoid of any priori idea. 
The whole life is a life of learning. Learning begins and it never ends. But there are many fake Gurus, Swamis, and Pandits who claim to be great learned ones. They claim to be knowledgeable. This is a sheer stupidity. It seems that they have arrived at a dead-end. Enlightenment is a beginning of true learning. Enlightenment means now there is only knowing and there is no knower. You are a pure witness. You are a Shuddha Chetana. You are a pure consciousness. And this experience is enlightenment. 
The literal meaning of “Veda” is knowing. It is a state when the knower is no more and only a pure state of knowing. On the path of learning there are three things: Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn. If the learning is new and fresh, and if there is no space in themind, then we hav…