Goodbye 2013, Welcome 2014 !!

Let us bury the old and and give birth to something new - new hopes, new aspirations, new ideas, new values and new resolutions. The old goes and the new comes in. The snake slips out of the old skin and comes out with a new skin. It feels fresh and new. It is a process of rejuvenation and a rekindling of new energies and new life. Just see, the goose has come out of the bottle. It has always been out and it has never been in. This is what is called “thinking out of the box”

There are three kinds of forces that are acting on our lives. And these three forces are: Pull, Push, and Stretch. The pull and push forces are from the outside. They are acting on us from the outside. These are coming from the society, parents, teachers, etc. The stretch force is individual. It is arising from within. It is not from outside. It is not an external force. It is an internal force. It helps us to make new resolutions and act on those resolutions. It helps us to create new milestones and move ahead of the old ones. The old year stands for “old milestones” and the new year stands for creating “new milestones”. 

The new year 2014 is also important because it is an election year. A new leadership and a new government is going to come into power. Please remember that all power is for a prayer. All desire is to move towards divinity. And all energy is to move towards Enlightenment. Therefore, all political power is to create an ecosystem that aims at a holistic growth. All political power is just to serve the people with better governance. The new year 2014 is, therefore, a turning point in the political system of the country. It has to be the government of the common people. 

Let us look into the numerology of the new year 2014. When we sum all these numbers the number that comes out is number seven (2+0+1+4=7). The number seven is a very important number. It is a number of change and transformation. There are seven days in a week. There are seven colours in a rainbow. There are seven energy centers (Chakras) that continuously change and transform our being. In Chinese culture the number seven is a combination of Yin and Yang, and represents harmony. In the Vedas and Upanishads there are seven sages (Saptarishis) who are the agents of change and transformation. The new year 2014 is, therefore, a year of change and transformation. Let us make new resolutions and make them happen.

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