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Jai Jai Ganesha !!

Ganesha does not mean only the wall portrait of Ganesha. Ganesha does not mean only the idol of Ganesha. But Ganesha means much more and beyond. Shiva and Parvati do not mean only the wall portraits of Shiva and Parvati. Shiva and Parvati do not mean only the idols of Shiva and Parvati. They mean much more and beyond. There has to be a far deeper meaning to these mythological stories. Let us explore and uncover the myth hidden in these stories.
There are four dimensions to the existence. The first two dimensions are existence and non-existence. Matter is existing and non-matter is non-existing. We can perceive matter but we can not perceive the non-matter. We can perceive the body but we can not perceive the soul. The first two dimensions of the perceivable matter are Physics and Metaphysics. We can see the physical matter but we can not see the metaphysical matter. We can touch and feel the physical matter. But we can not perceive the subatomic and metaphysical world of matter exactl…

What is Love Jihad?

Love is the result of the transformation of one’s ego center. Love has to be created in one’s own inner being to share it with others. And this sharing creates a relationship. And the whole life is a web of this relationship. This is how we create a society and the world. Love is a bridge between two individuals. It creates an unbroken bond between two individuals. It is a cohesive force. There can not be anything greater than love. Leo Tolstoy says, “Love is life. All, everything that I understand, I understand only because of love.”
What is Jihad? To me Jihad has to be a method to transform one’s ego center into a conscious center. To me it has to be a method to transform one’s lust into love. It has to be a method to transform one’s anger into peace. It has to be a method to overcome the enemies within. It has to be an inner transformation.
Almost all the religions in the world have recognized these as our greatest enemies - lust, anger, greed, attachment, pride, and jealousy. Thes…

It is better to say something !!

Is there a cause and effect in everything? There is no conclusive and definite answer to this. There are always two answers to this question. One answer is coming from the depth and the other answer is coming from the surface. The scientists believe in everything that has a cause and an effect. They strongly believe that there is no effect without a cause. They have infact done a great experiment in this direction. They created an emptiness. They removed all matter and created emptiness. And they found to their surprise that there are quantum fluctuations even in that emptiness. What caused these quantum fluctuations? They have no clue on this. There is no definite and conclusive answer for this. There is nothing in that space and still something causes these quantum fluctuations. Is emptiness really empty? Is emptiness fullness too? In fact emptiness and fullness are two perspectives of the same reality.
There is a story similar to this in the Upanishad. There was a crow and it was c…