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What is Love Jihad?

Love is the result of the transformation of one’s ego center. Love has to be created in one’s own inner being to share it with others. And this sharing creates a relationship. And the whole life is a web of this relationship. This is how we create a society and the world. Love is a bridge between two individuals. It creates an unbroken bond between two individuals. It is a cohesive force. There can not be anything greater than love. Leo Tolstoy says, “Love is life. All, everything that I understand, I understand only because of love.”

What is Jihad? To me Jihad has to be a method to transform one’s ego center into a conscious center. To me it has to be a method to transform one’s lust into love. It has to be a method to transform one’s anger into peace. It has to be a method to overcome the enemies within. It has to be an inner transformation.

Almost all the religions in the world have recognized these as our greatest enemies - lust, anger, greed, attachment, pride, and jealousy. These are our greatest inner enemies. And these are there in every individual without any exception to a certain degree. And every religion prescribes certain methods to overcome these enemies. And these methods are meant for an individual inner transformation. For example, prayer, contemplation, and meditation are some of the methods. And this transformation is an individual inner change. This change has to be voluntary and it can not be forced on anybody. One’s faith has to be an individual decision and it can not be forced. And it should not be a blind faith. A change has to be like the transformation of a raw gold into a 24-carat gold. It has to be like the transformation of an egg to a fluttering butterfly. It has to be like the transformation of a seed into a flower and a fruit. It should create a higher value within you. It should move you from ‘who you are’ to ‘who you can be’. We can evolve into our infinite potential within. We can experience the cosmic consciousness. 

There are news reports, FIRs, and cases in some parts of India saying that Love Jihad is being used as a modus operandi by some boys and men of Muslim religion to convert the non-Muslim girls and women in India by hiding their true religion. Wikipedia describes Love Jihad, also called Romeo Jihad, as an alleged activity under which young Muslim boys and men reportedly target young girls belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by feigning love. One recent case of this kind is that of shooter Tara Sahdev. These cases are to be probed and investigated by the authorities thoroughly to know whether they are just allegations or there is any truth in them. And these have to be probed on a war footing. And every affected individual has to be protected from this modus operandi and conspiracy. 

One has to understand that conversion on any ground is not an inner transformation. Any kind of coercion is an offence. And every kind of forced religious conversion is a crime and has to be stopped. The faith has to be left to one’s own individual prudence and wisdom. Moreover, one should not follow a blind faith. Don’t make Jihad a weapon to kill love. Death of ego is true love. And death of love is true death. Life is a means to move towards love, and love is means to experience life. Therefore, live life and love life, and don’t kill life by killing love. Rather, kill your inner enemies. And to me, this has to be the aim of true Jihad. 


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