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What is International Yoga Day?

India is a unique country in the world as the science of Yoga was discovered in India in the ancient past. And the whole world is now realizing the powers hidden in the science of Yoga. Yoga is spreading like a wildfire throughout the world. It is crossing all the barriers and boundaries. Yoga is not Indian anymore. It is universal. It is a science. It moves from the circumference of the being to the center of the being. The body and its actions are on the exteriority of the being and the thoughts, emotions and the silence are in the interiority of the being. Yoga, therefore, helps in transforming the outer beauty and inner beauty of the being.
The resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly for the International Yoga Day on 21st June enhances the importance of Yoga in the daily life of every individual. Every individual must adopt Yoga in one’s daily life. It is a multidimensional science. It not only works on the physical part of the being but also enhances the intell…