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Ah, Didi, You Did It !!

At last you did it Didi. The nation is proud of this. Every Indian has the right to know everything about Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. After all the freedom movement belongs to Bapuji and Netaji and many others. The people of this nation are proud of these heros. Since my childhood like many others I was very curious to know all about Netaji but somehow the truth was hidden from the public by the vested interests. Nobody can hide the truth for very long. The intrinsic nature of truth is to surface and become public. Nobody can make it private and classified. It is like an volcanic eruption. It is slowly gathering momentum and waiting for a right moment to erupt. It is better not to put a lid over these things. Just imagine how many time bombs of seeking information and truth on many issues may be lying with the governments all over the world. Please remember that there is an expiry date to all these. And one fine day they will all erupt. It is the people who make the nation. And thes…

How to apply the Principles of Trnity in a Business Organization?

In the earlier post we have seen the Principles of Trinity. Please read the earlier post carefully to understand better the application of the same principles to a Business Organization or any organization for that matter. An organization is a collective entity to attain the goals and objectives of the organization. There are many individuals, many teams, many departments and many functions. And to work in a sync and harmony to attain the organizational goals and objectives is a far greater challenge. Every organization serves the society with some products, services, or solutions. And the whole organization strives to serve and delight their customers with their products, services, or solutions. Every organization can attain their goals only by delighting their customers. And this is possible only when their products are competitive and world class. And all this can be done in a much better manner if the Principles of Trinity are applied in the whole organization very diligently.


Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva - The Trinity

The ancient Indian way or Hindu way of depicting life in its totality is through these three metaphors or symbols. This is a trinity of life. Life is a mystery and it can not be reduced into a knowledge. It can not be reduced into a knowledge means one can not write a book on life and give it to somebody for a reading. Life is more like swimming and cycling. Each individual has to jump into an ocean of life and learn the art of swimming. One can get drowned. This is okay. One has to take a risk. By the way who stops us from being careful and cautious. One can then swim through and float and enjoy life. One has to peddle the cycle on his own. Some other person can not peddle for me. There can not be a proxy for me in life. Somebody can peddle for me while teaching me. My Pa, Mom, Brother, Sister, Friend, Teacher, Guru can peddle for a small distance but only to teach me the art of cycling. And once I learn, I can grow in that art. Nobody can have a mastery over life. This is impossibl…