How to apply the Principles of Trinity in a Business Organization?

In the earlier post we have seen the Principles of Trinity. Please read the earlier post carefully to understand better the application of the same principles to a Business Organization or any organization for that matter. An organization is a collective entity to attain the goals and objectives of the organization. There are many individuals, many teams, many departments and many functions. And to work in a sync and harmony to attain the organizational goals and objectives is a far greater challenge. Every organization serves the society with some products, services, or solutions. And the whole organization strives to serve and delight their customers with their products, services, or solutions. Every organization can attain their goals only by delighting their customers. And this is possible only when their products are competitive and world class. And all this can be done in a much better manner if the Principles of Trinity are applied in the whole organization very diligently.

The first principle of Trinity is creation. It is the beginning. You plan to create products. You plan to create an organization. You plan to make a project. You plan recruit people. You plan to seek and create capital to run the business. This is the beginning. This is how the cosmic organization has come into existence. Brahma created this cosmic organization. And then he handed over this to Vishnu for sustenance and to Shiva for transformation. Creative destruction is also a part of transformation. And every organization on the planet earth is just a sub-set of this Cosmic Organization. Let us understand the principle by an example. A Product Manager may be able to create a product but he may not be capable of sustaining it. You may need a Marketing Manager to market and sell the product to make it competitive and sustainable. He surveys the market. He finds a customer and creates a market. The product price and quality are the two most important ingredients to find a right customer. And he has to scale this up in all possible dimensions to make the product profitable. And after doing all this over a long period of time there comes a point when this product can not sustain and hence has to be either destroyed or transformed. A new product may also come into existence. And this can not be done by these two guys and shall have to be done by a R&D Manager. He is the only person who has a right competency to either rejuvenate the same product or come out with a new brilliant product. The whole world of business is a creation and innovation of new products. This is just a simple example to demonstrate the concept. The concept has an application in virtually everything in the existence. Every Manager, Department Head, Functional Manager, General Manager, CEO, CFO, CPO, COO, CIO, Director, and Managing Director should have a mastery in understanding the Principles of Trinity.

These are the three emotions in every human being. One can be very brilliant in creating an idea. Another can be very brilliant in putting that idea into an action. And another can be very brilliant in transforming that idea when it is not working any longer. One can strive and grow to be of a right blend of all these three.

I would like to share with you some insights. In India there was one science called Jyotishi Shastra (Science of Astrology). Today it is just a roadside skill to see your future. The roadside astrologer sees your hands and foretells your future just for few rupees. He may even use a parrot in the whole process of foretelling. And all this just for mundane survival. He can not see his own future but thinks that he is competent to see the future of others. It is no more a science today. The word Jyotisha is a Sanskrit word and is made of two words Jyoti and Isha. Jyoti means a Small Light and Isha means a Big Light. Jyoti means an Individual Self and Isha means a Supreme Self. The root word of Ishvara (Divinity) is Isha. It can also mean a growth curve of small to big, ignorance to knowledge, Unconsciousness to Supreme Consciousness, and Finite to the Infinite. It is basically a science to see the potentiality of every individual on this transformation. Let us say if the Big Bang has happened it was sort of a Big Light. And then it was broken into billions of smaller lights - black holes, galaxies, solar systems, planets, plants, birds, animals and human beings. The human being is also a reflection of this Supreme Light. He is a small light. And he can transform himself into this Supreme Light. The Jyotishi Shastra was a science to help transform an individual from an Individual Self to a Supreme Self.

And this science was going into the whole DNA of the human being. It was trying to see how these three emotions or vibrations or energies are vibrating in the being of an individual. The vibration of one emotion can give rise to another higher emotion. One vibration of thought can give rise to another higher vibration of thought. One vibration of an idea can give rise to another vibration of a higher idea. And one state of the mind can move into a higher state of the mind. Every individual has to look into the vibration of his own energies to know the potential of his evolution. And one has to evolve continuously. One of the biggest insights of the Principle of Trinity is that there is a beginning but there is no ending. You can not win the game. You can not quit the game. You can only joyously participate in the game. Please do not be a gamer otherwise you will only ruin your life.

Let us see the applications of this principle in a business environment. There is a person by the name Ray Kurzweil. He is a technologist. He is an inventor. He is a futurist. And he holds some 18+ PhDs. His ability is to foretell how the technology is reshaping the world. More than 80% of his predictions have already come true. It is not that other 20% have not come true. Only their timing differs. They are yet to come true in the future. He helps many organizations to look into the future of their products. Whether the products will kick-off? How long they will sustain? And when will they die? This is his skill and ability.

Intel is one organization which is continuously killing its own existing products to stay ahead of competition. This is how it keeps its leadership position. According to the Moore’s Law, every six months the power of the processor should double and the cost of the processor should be halved. This is at the heart of Intel’s Product Development. And this is how Intel is continuously evolving.

There are seven elements that go in making any business organization. And these are: People, Products, Processes, Promotions, Productivity, Performance, and Profits. And all these seven are interconnected and interdependent. And all these should continuously evolve to make an organization a vibrant entity on the planet earth. And the same is true for any organization - Business, Political, Social and Spiritual. And according to one prediction, in the next 45 years approximately 40% of the existing Fortune 500 companies will cease to exist. This is a brief post on the application of the Principles of Trinity in a Business Organization.

Everything in the whole existence is eating itself. And everything is getting evolved and transformed. In order to keep moving and evolving our higher thoughts should eat our lower thoughts. The lower energies should make way to the higher energies. A lower being should evolve into a higher being. This is part of a natural selection, mutation and evolution. I always naturally select to be a higher being. This is our wish and this is our will. And this is our choice. There is no conflict in evolution and enlightenment. We are continuously evolving to be embraced by the Supreme Consciousness.

Peter McArthur says that every successful enterprise requires three men - a businessman, a dreamer, and a son of a bitch. To me, this could be version one. And every successful enterprise can also have these three individuals - Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. This could be version infinity. Just think of the possibility of scaling-up of an enterprise to this level. We can not even imagine how these three guys must be managing the Cosmic Organization.

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