Have you ever come across of a perfect person in order to find a perfect relationship? Please watch this video of Sadhguru on ‘How do I find my Soulmate?’ At 4:27 Sadhguru is saying, “SOUL DOESN'T NEED A MATE”. I have never come across of such a soul that exists so independently and doesn’t need any kind of a need or a relationship. Where does this soul exist? Outside of our bodies ... may be an invisible ghost. And some ghosts have also been found to be molesting women (there are stories). Albert Einstein said, “ ………… the concept of a soul without a body seem to me to be empty and devoid of meaning.” Come on Albert Einstein, you were a brilliant scientist man, and he is a mystic. He can say anything that is not scientific. You don’t have that liberty being a scientist. Now the youth will be in search of a soul that is independent of a body so that it doesn’t need a mate. And the questions of any quarrel, fight, friendship, hate, love, etc. will not arise at all. Because the Soul doesn’t need a mate. A soul is a perfect thing really. LOL :)

We have needs and desires. Needs are small and desires are big. This big and small is the differentiation. And desires can be infinite too. All needs are just normal and natural. It’s just normal and natural to fulfill all our needs. Just like how drink water, eat our food, and take a nap. A soul is not something that exist independent of you. It’s just like the fragrance of a flower. It’s an unifying thing in all of us. It’s a spiritual thing. It’s an unifying center of our physical, emotional and intellectual centers. We all exist at these three levels: physical, emotional, and intellectual. This head, heart, and hand are not three different things. They are different manifestations of the same reality. We all appear as different and plural at the level of our bodies and minds. And we all are connected through a common thread passing through our common centers. Our soul is that common center. Our soul (Atman) is connected to the supreme soul (Paramatman). This is that non-dual which present in all of us.

At the level of our body, mind, and heart the differences could be many. And at the level of the soul these differences are eased out. Because at the level of the soul we can not be two different personalities. We become two unique individuals and recognize that our soul is the same and the same is connected to that one divine. At this level of the soul all are differences are eased out. This is a melting point of all our differences. There are three kinds of love: body-body love, mind-mind love, and soul-soul love. We can move from body-body love to soul-soul love. So, Sadhguru’s assertion that the soul doesn’t need a mate is illogical and irrational. It’s unscientific and also non-spiritual. At the soul-soul love, we have more freedom and friendship. The love at this level transcends the boundaries of our physical bodies and moves into higher dimensions. And this is our spiritual dimension. This is where we encounter with the spiritual love. And this love has no death and no decay. It’s everlasting and immortal. And we in India depict this love through Shiva and Shakti, Radha and Krishna, metaphorically and symbolically.

Every relationship is a two-way traffic. And it can’t be a one-way side track. Neither win-lose works, nor lose-win works. The only relationship that works is a win-win relationship.